Security Fencing

Chris Rust Fencing are experts in designing and installing the latest perimeter security systems and specialise in improving site boundaries to create a truly effective 'first line of defence' – one that keeps criminals out and looks good too.

Exactly what sort of security solution is best for your site depends on a variety of factors, including the nature of the risk you are protecting and the degree of criminal threat that you anticipate.

But one important consideration is common to all sites - a smart looking, well-maintained fence sends an important message to visitors: 'these premises are well cared for'. Whether you need a completely new fence, an upgrade, or repair and maintenance, Orchard will help you create the right impression.

Our perimeter security and fencing services include:

Site surveys Site surveys and perimeter-focused risk assessments. fencing services Full design and installation (including major commercial sites and extended perimeters).
fencing services - Maintenance and repair Maintenance and repair (including damaged fences, emergency call-outs, and routine perimeter-line 'housekeeping'). Security fence upgrades Security fence upgrades (retro-fitting detection systems, electrification deterrents, gate upgrades and fence/wall toppings).
Temporary security fencing. Temporary security fencing. fencing services Target-hardening for gates and perimeter weak-spots.

A wide choice of security fences ensures the best solution for your premises.

Chris Rust Fencing gives you the widest choice of fence types, allowing you to meet your security priorities. We work with leading manufacturers, including Jacksons, Betafence, Barkers and Matrix and are happy to advise you on the most suitable security fencing options available – or to work with your preferred fencing products to give you exactly the secured perimeter that you want.

fencing services Detection and deterred (electric) systems. Acoustic Fencing. Acoustic Fencing.
Controlled Entry Systems / Turnstiles. Controlled Entry Systems / Turnstiles. Steel palisade fencing and gates. Steel palisade fencing and gates.
Mesh panels. Mesh panels. 358 panel systems. 358 panel systems.
Prison fencing. Prison fencing. fencing services Enhanced Fencing systems.
fencing services Government approved 'enhanced level' systems. Razor wire. Razor wire.
fencing services Weldmesh /Chain link – plastic coated or galvanised. Security gates fencing services Security gates of all types.
fencing services Palisade /Ultra palisade fencing and gates. fencing services Twin wire panel systems.
fencing services Vertical bar railings. Barbed wire. Barbed wire.
fencing services - Anti-climb system Anti-climb system. fencing services Site hoarding.
fencing services for schools Playground specification for schools and nurseries. fencing services Cantilever/rail sliding gates.

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