Electric Security Fencing

Electric security fencing and barriers – for sites where security is a priority.

For higher risk sites, or locations where criminals are a particular nuisance, we recommend the use of active electrified deterrent technology: the PulseSecure system from Harper Chalice. This system can be retro-fitted to all types of fencing, walls and building structures.

How does it work?

PulseSecure turns your perimeter into an active shield that 'hits back' at would-be intruders with a sharp electric shock. It therefore acts as a very strong psychological deterrent – but importantly, it looks good too, and is much less obtrusive than barbed-wire toppings, or rotating spikes (from a distance the thin wires of the PulseSecure system are hardly noticeable – but they'll soon be spotted by potential criminals taking an unhealthy interest in your premises!).

Police and insurance approved.

PulseSecure is well established (since 1998) and is approved under the police 'Secured by Design' programme. It is used widely across the UK on government sites, utilities, and for commercial customers (including remote sites and town centres). The system can only be installed by 'Harper Chalice Accredited Dealers' and Orchard Fencing's teams are fully trained and accredited as such.

PulseSecure not only deters, it detects any attempt to bypass or tamper with it.

PulseSecure is inexpensive to run, and requires only routine 'good housekeeping' for trouble-free operation (keeping it clear of undergrowth). In fact its British-made technology has been officially tested on rough-weather sites and is approved for use on high risk government locations due to its performance.

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